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The ranting thinking thread

So my mum is at risk of having an aortic dissection because of an abdominal aneurysm, but she prefers to smoke constantly. Plus, she has emphysema and high blood pressure as well.

That's crazy! :(
That sucks. My mom used to smoke as well. :(

My current rant: making eyeglasses doesn’t really cost that much, but somehow I ended up paying 500 € (~540 $) for new glasses. I absolutely need them as my left eye has approx 40 % vision with my current glasses (said my opthometrist) so that's pretty much a no-can-do situation, but c'mon... these prices are crazy!

Luckily I just got a raise as my traineeship ended and I'm now a full-time lawyer. Still. I'm not used to spending money lol

I wonder if I could get an income tax reduction by announcing that they are "work equipment" ;)
(Basically they are but I don't think their price can be used as grounds for tax reduction, unlike a new computer or a set of law books)
(No I'm not a tax lawyer as you can see)

The Day Before

So the 'gameplay reveal' happened and was underwhelming as expected... nothing really happened and they didnt really show anything of note. Bland generic world, underwhelming gunplay, very little threat and a lot of walking around empty locations.

I've got tons of DVDs and Blu-rays, so it's not like I'm bored. But I do miss having a good scare up in gaming. A lot of newer or modern horror games set on space stations and whatnot, are not all that appealing to me. That's because I find them awfully boring.

Steam is full of these indie games where all you do is walk around, or run and hide. That's not fun to me. I feel like you have to be able to somehow fight back, and I suppose co-op makes a game feel less creepy which is why it's rarely implemented, but there's not nearly enough good co-op horror games. Most of them are essentially just shooters. I even heard the co-op in the State of Decay games isn't that good, because you don't get much movement. But I'd love a full game with a campaign with friends, with excellent online support, and one that's got longevity and a heartwarming story.

I cannot believe it's 2023 and all we seem to be getting are remakes of these old ass games we already beat, some 2 or so decades ago. Which I mean, yeah. Why not, right? They are still cool. But it would be even cooler to receive something new that's just as appealing as the titles from yesteryear. Although it seldomly ever occurs like this today.

Sons of the Forest is coming this month and it will have some good horror elements (if it keeps the tone of The Forest) it can also be played with friends too. State of Decay 2 co-op is fairly good but the tethering aspect can feel a little restrictive at times on such a large map.

A lot of these type of games dont have much in the way of story campaigns and certainly not a heartwarming story with the tone of the genre.

The Writing (and Artistic) Ranting Thread

I pitched one of my novel ideas to my writing group and they liked it.

It's a YA urban fantasy series called Umbran Tales.

The funny thing with pitching is you need to have a flexible plan. When you are in the hot seat, you tend to forget the plan so being able to remember the core of your story is ideal.

I also have a problem with plotting. I have ideas but they are very spread out. And plotting a series is extra tricky because you could be saving stuff for later. When you pitch you should bring your best stuff out first.

I tend to have a lot of ideas but not a structure or a focus yet. Coming with ideas is the fun part of writing but structuring them is the hard part.

Surprisingly I find my fanfic pitches feel more focused than my original ideas. But that's cause I have a starting point and a framework to build off.

It's a learning curve.

The ranting thinking thread

Not the entire video, but GS's statement at the 1:23 mark. He talks about how the action game genre has gotten far too little love in recent years....aaaaaaaaaaannnnnnddd none of that is true. Unless you're talking about a majority of critics, they don't count for ****. I am assuming he doesn't like Ragnarök (he did enjoy GoW4 despite his issues with the game), and has problems with Bayonetta 3's story as hinted later in the video. I don't care how much he doesn't like either or not, to say the genre has gotten little love recently in the past couple of years is definitely false. DMC5 came out in 2019 and people are still playing or buying the game. No More Heroes 3 came out in 2021 and got ported to PC and other consoles last year. I know Hi-Fi Rush just came out, but he couldn't have predicted that.

What about the niche DMC/Bayonetta action games on Steam? What about Evil West? What about the revitalization of the 2D brawler genre we've been getting for since the late 2010s. Or they don't count? Which is bullshit, if that is the case. Games like Streets of Rage 4, The TakeOver, Shredder's Revenge, and even Final Vendetta borrow some elements from DMC. Which is ironic, because DMC itself took elements from arcade brawlers and fighting games. I know the show is satire, but I can tell when GS is off the cuff and more direct and serious. You're better than that Gaming Sins. Otherwise, a good video.

James Gunn's DC- Gods and Monsters

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I like most of it.

Damian is an interesting choice because he hasn't become an adult in canon. Currently he's 14 so we would be in uncharted territory. Unlike the comics his actor would age out the role pretty fast. So I could see them just doing the Harry Potter thing where he's older in each appearance.

The Authority would work better as an Elseworlds tale than in continuity with the others.

Supergirl hasn't interested me outside of the new 52 take. So I rather get Power Girl instead.

WW Paradise Lost sounds cool.

Booster Gold and Creature Commandoes sounds great.

GL, Superman and Swamp Thing are too vague to really form an opinion yet.

I wish we had an adaptation of Bruce Timm's Gods and Monsters.