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Still busy but here is my gift:
Dark Prince
To achieve Vergil's ultimate power:
1-Hell fire mod blue.
2-Urizen gauntlet and DT only.
3-Mirage Yamato recommended.

Have fun guys and merry Xmas :coffee:.
Doing this early; Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays. Cause in this day later having that one big dinner that will make me being offline on evening possible
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It would be cool if Dante from Inferno was the namesake of Dante in DMC.

That's my crossover pitch.
Had the sudden inspirational urge to update my story I started over 6 years ago and start to create new ideas of where I’d like to take it going forward. Only took me 6 years, not too
Heyyup mate! Long time no speaky! Thank you for the cracking donation! We've moved to a different website host now but as part of my contract with my old host I still have to pay for two months' worth of hosting (£184 o_O). It's all a huge help mate and very appreciated. :geek:(y)
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No sweat man. I see they’ve been applied now. Hope alls well for you mate.
Wow that was a nice surprise :) Thanks LoD! I'll see if I can help with the hosting costs too. ♥
You’re welcome. It’s been a while since I’ve helped out around here so just thought it would be nice and I usually gift it to members so others can have the benefits from it also.
The FF characters in KH tend to suffer Dante's problem in 4. They don't add much but steal the show. So maybe they'd be better off not being there?

PS. I'd be into a Leon/Mickey spinoff tho.
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We could move it to the private messages next time. ;).
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I don't mind the idea of FF in KH. I just preferred their canon selves more. I'd probably prefer if they were from their original worlds more or better integrated in KH. But the original lore of KH tends to be its weakest part to me. So I don't know what the right answer is.
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KH is how I got into FF. It has potential but it's harder to have faith when it's let you down a lot.

Thanks for reading.
Has anyone here ever successfully logged back into their Instagram account after losing the authenticator/backup codes?
When @Angel dosen't in mood but she hears a deep voice that want hand over her soul:
Login to view embedded media Baby I'm right here †
"Human, i want your soul" Deep mow
"Jack i'm not in the mood"
"Human, this is not a request, hand over the soul, now" Deep mow
"Alright alright, i'll give you some food"
(Comment written by anoni mato)
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