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  • kool ^.^. ok. i know this is a silly qustion, but i dont know your 2nd name?.lol. :(.
    aw wow. so have i. plz add me lol. my name is rachelDeacon415?. how can you add people? and oh :(. ok.
    hello :). oh lol. yeah i sometimes get it aswell, with the net lol. its silly. yeah not 2 bad thanks otoay ^.^. been bucy with college and now wennkend yay, ay least lol. what u been up 2. have you got yahoo, or msn, or windowns live? :).
    hiyas. oh sorry, havnt been on here for a while. been doing college stuff and more college stuff, what you been to.
    Hey, hun. While online. I decided to make u another sig to go along with the awesome sig u already have. =) Hope u like it.

    kool ^.^. well i got a couple of forms. i just fond a resident evil form. and my name is muffin. and i find a hougfire form and my name is kitten. and a eillot minor form. they are my fav band :). i think my name is rach415. i got myspace. and bebo aswell. if your instesid.
    havent you ;(/ i be your friend :). and i got facebook aswell. i like talking about dmc with other peeps. :)
    kool, yeah yahoo is alright, but no one is nit my friend :(. coz i dont know how to ues to lol. have you. this is the only form im a member of. but iv got anther form. but dont ues it as much.
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