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  • One useful parameter, is use of iambic pentameter, this term's poorly known, but research has shown, my wang has a hefty diameter
    I'm calling BS on your contest submission, bro. That's clearly a photograph.

    I can tell by the pixels.
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    Whoa bro, just, WHOA. Calm down. I admit it. I drew it and... and photographed it. SO SUE ME!!!! THE PIXELS ARE LYINGGG!!!!!hueiohrdfiohwf#i
    you think he's that good at baiting? you give him too much credit :p

    i just read it as a sophomoric cry of "stick it to the man"
    "united we are unbannable" and "trust me, i'm a doctor"

    but i guess it was in poor taste to go after him anyway, far too easy of a target. i think i just ended up looking like a sack of e-chivalry.
    No, it was nice to have someone stick up for me for a change. Didn't happen a lot before I left and it was a pleasant surprise to see it. I know I probably come off as far harsher than I used to but those who get offended are usually those who identify themselves within my posts...which furthers my point, really.
    Ahh well they just don't see you the same way. You play a different role than on projectego. There's no DS or JD to constantly play the bad guy (though I'm hoping that will change in the near future) so you have to both establish and enforce the rules. Fix that situation and you can go back to being whimsical. :p
    I generally find cheese to be tasty not nasty
    yes, i agree it is delicious. but you can't deny that somewhere out there is cheese that you may not enjoy. furthermore, all cheeses that you do enjoy, if left untouched, become nasty. =P
    Mr Anderson
    True enough which is why I never let the cheese i have go bad it's so delicious.
    Ah, you always seem to know how to cheer me up XD
    xD glad to know there's at least some people out there who have the same odd sense of humor as i do.
    Alright buddy, hows it goin? :) I thought it had been a while so I'd come say hey.

    Kudos on your new tattoo, which reminds me there's something I've been meaning to do.
    I think so, at the very least the other world tournament is, I havnt seen much of Kai yet, how is it? Do you watch in Eng or Jap?
    WOW that is fast! I totally agree about Funi, have you heard the new Kai voices? I think Frieza sounds like invader Zim! Kai does sound good though I will have to check it out soon, I did see the beginning (it starts off talking about Bardok, doesnt it?) do you know where they are up to?
    to be honest i fell out of the loop a bit, but last i checked they were fighting against android 16-18. i'd imagine they're wrapping up the cell saga, if not into the next one already.

    may be better to wait a short while til it ends so you can do what i do: ANIME BINGE FOR A WEEKEND
    You gotta love a good anime binge! I have a load of episodes in Bleach to catch up on, so im looking forward to a bit of a marathon at some point :)
    I liked the Frieza saga too, but I do think that the fight mith Majin Vegata and Goku was prob the best fight in the series, shame we had to put up with Saiyaman stuff before it! :O
    Hey mate, cheers for the advice your giving out on the new forums it seems your coolness is only exceeded by your intelligence!

    Yeah im quite a big DBZ fan, im assuming you are too? i noticed a comment you wrote the other day about the time chamber that made me chuckle, what was you fav season?
    Not at all, i wanted something cool, i usually have Jaygernaut for these sort of things but as you cant tell thats far from cool! :lol:

    at the time i was playing a lot of MW2 and used to enjoy spawn-camping so i would shoot as they spawned :)

    it was only quite a while later someone pointed out how rude it seems! :lol: i never never even realized!
    Hey buudy, hows it goin? ^_^ just wanted to pop by and say hey as i dont enough!

    Also i have to jump on the bandwagon im afraid, your sig is very classy!
    hope your doin well mate @D
    Yeah, I'll definatley be getting it. I hope it's good, it's been a while since they did anything. It's out this week isn't it? Are you getting it? You'll have to let me k ow what you think. :)
    hey bud thanks for the warm welcome back, i never realy had a proper chance to say hey before but was meaning to i hope this aint too late :)
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