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  • Not played any Monster Hunter game before & not been into many of Capcoms franchises but Monster Hunter World looks pretty impressive so far
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    Dark Drakan
    Like the look of the systems in the game, customisation looks great & after really liking the monster hunting aspect of The Witcher III (only thing I’ve played I can compare this too) & it looks like that on a much larger scale & with co-op.
    My friend at work was telling me about this today. I hadn’t heard of it, but he was like “Yeah I think it’s by Capcom”. I haven’t played any of the others, either. Might have to look into this more.
    Dark Drakan
    Same day former C&C devs release their new RTS in early access, its revealed former Lionhead & Bullfrog devs are making new Theme Hospital.
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    Dark Drakan
    Some serious gamer nostalgia right there and nice to see former devs of Westwood Studios/Lionhead & Bullfrog all creating new titles. Countless hours of my younger years playing games by those studios.
    I wouldn't be the C&C fan that I am now if it wasn't for you introducing me to the series! I still remember us digging up all of the info we could on Red Alert 2 in I.T. back in the day! And playing Retaliation on PS1 system link in your old conservatory was the best!
    Dark Drakan
    The fact we still play Red Alert 2 today is testament to how much fun we had on it. Red Alert 2 was 1st game I ever played online competitive mode on with you & Dekkers & when I came up with this username that I’ve kept ever since. I still own both of those PS1’s & Retaliation too lol.
    I think the second image link in your signature is broken, it only shows an icon.
    Dark Drakan
    Yeah it keeps doing it for some reason, it’s just my Steam ID card. Shows fine in profile when I update it but then disappears again. Will fix it soon & find another site to link it but thanks for letting me know anyway.
    RIP former Faith No More lead singer Chuck Mosley, such a genuinely nice guy who I met last year at his gig & we shared a few beers.
    Getting with times & put Reddit App on phone though spent far too long reading through Elite Dangerous events as they played out last night
    Any PC gamers help with some recommendations for components for PC Build for my stepson? I have listed some placeholders in my thread.Thanks
    Come on WB Games, your tribute to Mike Forgey was nice touch with proceeds going to family but small print says only in some US states... Really
    Really hope Star Citizen can deliver, footage shown so far looks absolutely stunning. Had many delays but looks to be shaping up nicely.
    Dark Drakan
    Graphically it already looks stunning, the part I'm worried about is all the different elements flowing together well in one product. To master space flight/combat, planetary landings, surface travel & interiors and ground combat is going to be a major feat in itself.
    Lack of focus creates lack of polish. Resident Evil 6 is a living, breathing example of that. Here's hoping that doesn't happen to Star Citizen, but the signs are already emerging.
    Dark Drakan
    5 Years later and we dont seem to be any closer to a release, footage is still looking great but feature creep has been main issue and could actually be closer to that 2075 estimate by time its ready to release.
    Great to know AoEIV is finally happening & Relic should do series justice with pedigree that they have in the genre that's for sure.
    Apologises for lack of activity, promotion at work tripled workload & doing more hours (plus overtime on top) & only so many hrs in day
    Life is Strange for £3.59 on Humble Bundle, don't mind if I do. Quite enjoyed episode 1 & was considering purchasing it on Steam.
    Anyone else sit there & stare at their games library & spend an insane amount of time actually deciding what to play in the time you have?
    Dark Drakan
    I look at what sort of time ive got & try to pick games that I can make the most progress on in that time. My backlog gets bigger by the day and some games like The Witcher 3/Fallout 4 have taken a back seat as I finish shorter games to lessen the sheer amount. Some days I just stare and cant figure out what to play that I can fit in.
    All the time, though less so as I'm buying less games these days.
    Stare and stare...and then play the same thing I've completed two dozen times....
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