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  • I will start working on Persona 3 & 5 protagonists with their iconic personas (I created Arsene from P5 the protagonist persona but for 3 it is unknown if I can create a P3 protagonist persona if not but I try my best), 3 & 5 are in my top priority for 4 I just think if I can create a protagonist and the persona with the material I have or not.
    So KH3 has held a copyright law for streaming just like Persona 5 (except they at least permit people to record certain parts of the game to a certain date in the game) OK I'm myself not play this game but I know the people have small YT channels got copyright strike to hope anyone here doesn't have this issue.
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    What were you expecting? Disney is like Nintendo when it comes to copyright, but on steroids.
    I want to give my last gift to my fellow modders and people who still like the DmC mods section, I want to create a topic about out new mods we created and old mods if their link still works put in one place and category them so you don't search for them just find them in one place.
    My duty on the DmC mod section is complete now the database is 100% and everything back but my job is not to finish here this forum still needs me for one last day.
    By the end of 2018 I could not fulfill the promise I gave you I mean to complete the DmC mods database before the end of 2018, so well now the new year is coming I'm not in hurry, and this the last work I want to make a masterpiece and after completing my work I will write a list of all mods for this themes: Orginal, Classic, and Crossover this is my last gift to you guys.

    Have good new year guys.
    Dark Prince
    And I must say this not a normal list this is a combination list for all possible mods so please don't confuse.
    I maybe change my mind and stay and fight by side the brotherhood of modders to keep this place alive but there is one person I need to regain her trust.
    but for DmC I did and back to shadows and waiting for a new game If something is wrong, I'll be fast-acting but I seriously need a break of about 1 or 2 months to back to my normal life so don't worry about me.
    I must announce that 90% of the database for DmC mods that has been lost from dmcmods.com is restored only 10% remain and my duty is complete and I have no job to do but keep guarding the place against shadows.
    Merry Christmas everyone hopes you all have good holidays and don't forget to check the DmC mod section and I try my best to complete the database for use, everyone.
    I'm about to use my big guns I mean upload @Zeromancer blocked mods by Mediafire I try to reupload them tell me which one you like to see first or upload them in one topic as a collection.
    To all of DmC fans, I here to announce I restore half the DmC mod section, and this a victory for me and you guys.
    the other half database is on my computer and it was easy for me to restore this one and soon you will get back your lost glory now together:

    Insieme Per La Vittoria (Italian to EN Together For Victory)
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