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  • The concept behind of lite mod is:

    ▪︎Clean code: only works when you remove some unnecessary files but the code itself only make your work heavier (Checking my own Spaghetti Code :ROFL:).
    Dark Prince
    ▪︎Unnecessary files: by removing them you give your work better optimization (with clean code) and let do other part of your files handle by game (DmC) I mean no need putting those files when game already load them for you.
    Image by reddit user themikesem, when @Angel see a ball of wool (Backed cake :p :coffee:):

    Loaf or cake it must be noice to eat such a cute fur ball :ROFL:.
    A nostalgic project but good ;) now here is good part I give you people 2 names for Kat so I can base her design on name you chose, for Vergil & Dante :sneaky:......you will see soon.
    Edit: I guess I must drop the bomb :cool: "Bloody Truth & Be Killed Again" have fun on YouTube.
    Dark Prince
    Gonna drop the bomb :confused:.........it's Chaos Legion :cautious:, a 2003 Capcom game and I want work it project based on this game (Characters), now from above what character fit Kat and for Dante & Vergil they have their own character skins.
    Siela would be good because she's a non-combatant, but Arcia has a design not too dissimilar from Kat's so it's easier to work with.
    My progress on DmC: I'm still trying do some decent job then I want try something new, I want improve my code for tpf files and remove some unnecessary files (the game files are can help automatically no need add to them), this can help decrease a little bit of mods files and I don't know how long this process take but please look forward for it.
    Dark Prince
    As I expected I cleaned my code and made a little progress but on other hand I made good progress on 2 main files for DMC 5 skins and cleaned the junk files which resulted in decreasing files size :love:.
    If any artist has knowledge in photoshop or modding (people who do editing jobs and do modding as hobby), I want useful tutorials that can good for my normal editing or my daily jobs or give my service to people and lastly my hobby that I don't take it serious but I want do some improvement one day.
    》Please Share your playlist if you have already even one video is helpful ;).
    Depends on what you're looking for really, Phlearn on youtube is a bunch of knowledge when it comes to photo editing stuff.
    If you're looking for something specific, I might now some other sites, would have to look up the names though.
    I managed to create HD textures (somehow...:unsure:) but DmC loading time for tpf files takes to long so I must work on loading I mean create lite HD textures to decrease loading time.
    You want my POWER :cautious:...then here is the good news I finally started getting back to my hobby :love:...yes you heard that right, in my free times if I'm not busy I do DmC modding.

    Cat memes....hmmm why among all the vids this one hit me so hard :ROFL: I mean why smoking cat...what this kitten think about cigarette :unsure:, anyone knows why this kitten addicted :oops: beside the meme:
    Should I update my laptop to 11 or just wait (just give me your honest opinions no personal reasons if it can prevent future bugs or you had a bad experience)?
    Always wait before adopting a new version of Windows.
    Daaaaamn I look so good for my brother wedding :geek:, I went to a barber shop and asked him give me a villain haircut (not an ordinary villain :ROFL:) and I steal this haircut :sneaky: (natural hair without anything):
    You're going as Colin Farrell for your brother's wedding?
    Dark Prince
    I like his hair style and...I know it's Hollywood so I only adapted the style, with having good hair style I mean if you're a person that loves art or simple stuff.
    Too much power for me to see too many active staff at same time, am I drunk or forum is too much powerful.
    cat wow GIF
    A video about Stan Lee that explain his idea about Spider-Man, I guess he gonna put some dirt in the eye of person that laughed at his idea :sneaky:, God bless him :giggle:.
    Slowly coming back to modding by installing some of my games (I don't mean all of them this time), I talked to one of my old friends and I guess I must install what I like and force myself play old games (like update them with mods or download their dlcs that missing from console versions), this time I will play what I like and enjoy my free time no more boring time.
    The demands are high and people want me back to work.......OK I will try my best to back fast as I can.
    Updated 3 variant of Bury The Light according to official lyrics I gave them some meaning in term of literature (I mean Bridge, Chorus and Verse something like this) I replaced them with placeholder sign《◇◇◇◇◇》.
    man...my mind getting old, I must get used to new photoshop tools and I miss my old tools for creation of 3d maps now for good training after setting up my PC I start with Vergil Wesker as a good challenge.
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