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  • How are things Mr Angelo? =)
    Darth Angelo
    Going pretty good thanks, got a friends birthday party to look forward to on the 14th apart from that not much going on. Hows things going with you?
    I'm doing good thanks. Going to be a daddy now. Saw my baby for the first time yesterday =)
    Can I just say I LOVE your avatar. XD I just noticed it now. :lol:
    I will make you a Gold Supporter, next month. Sorry that I forgot and everything. I was busy, and I've had so much to get what with Christmas and all >_<
    exactly....lol....but seriously...i think they should definitely have u climb skyscrapers and that kind of stuff...it would be a fun leap of faith
    yes...i REALLY hope Japan....it would be great considering the weapon combinations...though it wouldn't be bad if they did something with a modern environment similar to Mirror's Edge, except a bit higher off the ground...and of course make it Assassin's Creed-like....though yeah the formula is good..they got it down...now they just need to hone in on it a bit...i felt that AC1 was a good beginning...introduced the story and gameplay...it was like a beta...AC2 was very story-driven and they improved quite a bit...but it was VERY loose...almost too loose for it's own good.....and ACBH...i liked it...it was a good continuation...i liked the lack of focus on a story...i liked how it was mostly side stuff....but i would only play that in that game..if they do it again, then i'll be too bored and AC will no longer be for me...u know wat im sayin?
    Thanks. I found it on deviantART. When I saw it, I just couldn't pass it up. xDD
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