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  • Ohh I meant strat, like in strategy.

    Like when I'm playing Golbez I usually stay on the ground, using the control systems to just kick ass and the enemies are constantly pressured. Then I'll do some dodge cancel combos and also EX cancel combos.

    Warrior of Light is my all EX build, well... all of my character only has EX builds but WoL got all those swords summoning. I play quite defensively, and punish the opponent with a Dayflash or another attack.

    With Onion Knight it's all about speed, harassment and EX. He does puny damage? No way if he hits about 57 in each hit in EX mode when doing a normal Melee attack. He can suck out thousands of bravery in one attack.

    Emperor. I usually trap my opponent, lots of mines, Dynamite, Thunder Crest, etc. Although I am a master at confusing the A.I with Starfall. xP
    Exdeath is awesome when you learn to use him. :cool:

    What are your strat as Cloud, Squall, Sephiroth and Fioniel?

    My top four (since you stated four) is: Onion Knight, Emperor, Golbez, Warrior of Light.
    Who was your favorite characters to use (top 3 mains?) in Dissidia Final Fantasy?
    Oh, well I'll see if they have it open for pre-order, and if they do I'll let you know :lol:

    Now we just need another SRW on the PSP. Then all things will go good lol.

    ACE Portable...I thought it was going to be on the PS3, but this is the PSP. This is WIN

    Dude, how can I repay you for showing me this? XD
    WAIT, ACE P?! Dude, next year keeps sounding better and better for games! No I haven't! What all series are confirmed in it? >.>

    Sorry, I'm a huge derp over the ACE series in general. ACE 3 and 2 were some of my favorite games for the PS2 XD

    I'll look up on it right away, thanks for the info. And how are you?

    Also, sorry for the late response, I have been busy with college.
    Yes, he is a Malaysian, and he lives in Sweden currently. He always import a number of PSP games via Play Asia, and he always get them within one week time.

    We keep in contact via MSN Messenger, although he haven't been online lately.
    Are you serious? My friend was able to order PSP games via Play Asia, and he always get them within one week time.
    Oh. It sucks to wait for the game you ordered to arrive, no? I have encountered this problem many times... Especially for PS3 games and Xbox 360 games.
    Yeah, luckily I live in driving range of my college, so I don't have to take any bus :lol:

    I miss last year when I was in High School...It was so much easier T.T
    Ah, ok, I see. Thanks for checking out the video at least :lol: I'll never know that song T.T, I'll keep searching though.

    And no problem signing them by the way, my pleasure ^_^ You never know, it just might happen like you said.

    And I can totally answer Chaos Master's VM down there :lol:

    Anyways, how are you today dude?
    Ah, I see. FMP, as it stands for Full Metal Panic? Awesome. :D

    Oh yeah, is Eureka Seven included in any of Super Robot Wars or Another Century Episode games?
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