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  • Ah, I see. If Another Century's Episode: R was released in English and retain the Japanese voice, will you buy it? If it was me, I will definitely buy it. :D
    Yeah just looked at your sig, not sure if those petition things work but I signed them anyways :lol:

    Nice Demonbane pic in there too btw, my sig is just of that new Gundam 00 mech >_> lol.

    Me lucky? How so? XD
    The Lovecraft references in Demonbane are crazy >_> I could probably find a huge list somewhere online if I want to know them all, and even then :lol:

    PS3 games where I live oddly cost the same amount as Xbox 360 games, I think my country is retarded XD But who knows.
    Yeah, Demonbane can kill Gods, that's beyond crazy :lol:

    You have any interest in buying Castlevania: Lords of Shadow?
    Hah, yeah! Sadly though we don't know much about the Getter Emperor, he was only seen for like... 5 seconds I think. Although he's rumored to be stronger than Tengenn Toppa Gurrenn Lagann's final form, and if that's the case >_>
    Yeah. So far, the Protagonist for Persona 4 and 3 are my favourite Megaten main characters, along with Demi-Fiend, Raidou Kuzunoha, and Serph. What about you?
    No problem. If you want to see the full artwork, here:
    Haha yeah, using Demonbane in Virtual Reality sounds awesome.....I need to quit making these fantasies about Virtual Reality and crushing them when I realize it does not exist <_<

    Hey dude, I'm not sure if I have asked this question yet, and if I have forgive me because I'm tired :lol: But do you know where I can get any of the SRW soundtracks? And thanks in advance.
    True, true I forgot.

    ...Virtual Reality?...DUDE, Gundam Games and Mecha games in particular would be EPIC! I could totally imagine me seeing "KYOTU FINGAH!!!!! HEATO! ENDU!" :lol: :lol:

    Sometimes I just can't wait for the future XD
    Yeah, who knows, at this rate hand held games could be the future of gaming. No home consoles, just portables that have even higher processing power than the current consoles. Not sure how to feel about it, but as long as there's good games I don't mind.

    It's getting late here and I can't keep my eyes open, so see you dude.
    Gun X Sword > Seed, any day, lol.

    I wonder if the PSP will be upgraded, because it can sure have some real potential in the making, seeing the PS3's processing power. Who knows, maybe a second analog nub? :lol: Sure would make SRW games have animation of win.
    Ah, so like Castlevania it will find its home on the home consoles. I personally like this, since the 3DS has the graphics capability beyond that of a PS2, and the PSP is good in its own right. The future of SRW looks to be a pretty good one.

    Yeah, SRW K should be called SRW Seed, because there's so much Seed. I didn't mind this in SRW J, but in here it overwhelming. I don't know, I know how you feel though, I personally dislike Seed and prefer the older Gundams. Zeta Gundam probably being my favorite followed by Char's Counterattack movie.

    Also, if you didn't know, I think the release date for L is around 11/25 of this year :lol:
    Ah ok, I found a guide on Gamefaqs to help me out, but the game is rather straight forward.

    So far the game feels like a step down from SRW W to be honest D: Animation doesn't feel as smooth sadly. All in all though, it's not too bad, it'll satisfy me until L comes out.

    I'm looking forward to a SRW on the PS2 again actually o.o
    I saw the Tifa pictures several weeks ago. She is kind of super-confirmed by now. Why would they use a character in a cut-scene without making them playable? (exception Chaos and Cosmos)

    But what's up with that Cloud costume? He looks like someone's... slave. >.<

    Luca Stadium = Epic choice I never expected for the new FFX stage
    No, the actual start where all the cosmos heroes was at Luca Stadium wasn't shown in any of the other trailers, nor did the scene with Cloud. At least not in my experience. :p
    No, about Tifa and the new trailer. I showed a summary of the stuff I found in there.
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