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  • Yeah, luckily my dad decided to hurry up and fix some of the stuff XD. Since I'm up stairs I lost nothing of value o.o Umm..I'm on skype nearly everyday o.o
    Erm... Classic... Not really... My music is kinda like... The random bits of Linkin Park... And then single songs from various artists...
    Umm..I guess when you make the Transition from Lithuanian (Is that your language? Sorry if I screwed it up..>:X) to English because the alphabet is similar, but I guess going from Russian to English is a whole other monstrosity D: Oh those friends, lol I don't know their real name...just know they are from Lithuania XDD When ever I get on at like..2 pm it's like 8 for them and they almost have to get off so we can't talk much XD
    Music... Erm... I like Nightwish and Within Temptation, both Symphonic metal bands, and I like Apocalyptica, a quatet of cellos... And after that, it's more random stuff really... XD
    Wow dude...I have like..5 friends from Lithuania on skype XDDD and thanks, just English is really really hard D: at least for me XD. Umm..america is ok, I like it better than Russia tho D: Although the government here is blah
    LMAO wow XDDD. Umm, I'm from Russia..but I now live in the United States..and have been learning English for 5 years >.>....It's still hard D: but yeah, USA school times are absolutely dumb >.<
    Ah lol awesome XD. Well umm..I woke up sick, tried to go to school, and came home early o.o I'm just really really tired XD
    Not quite sure yet :lol:

    Death note's actualy 37 anime episoides , or 2 2 hour anime specials, or 3 badly made movies, or 108 manga chapters long. The anime is the best by far, but there is a major turning point at episode 25 which made some fans abandon the series, but it's worth finding out what happens
    Haha, FMA I need to watch...

    Death note is amazingly written, and very well done. I suggest you watch it even if it's only up to episode 25 (major story line change)
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