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  • Oh, Hi long time no see XD
    how have you been dude? ^^
    why not the dude?! BUT IT WAS YOU WHO TOLD ME IT FITS QQ.

    cewl and nope, i dont have the slightest clue ^^
    Well how would I remember something like that?
    Get a chick up there instead, you've changed these past years. ^^
    Yes you do. :*
    Loooooooooooool pervert?!! REPORTED XD
    if you hate kingdom hearts you are a hater and an anti and you need to stop insulting my gods
    There is more, like licensed games and bad rip-offs.
    If only you knew how much I'm against bad hack'n'slash games that are overhyped like God of War. Yes, that is what I think.

    Well, it's good to agree. But I think the best part is when you see something others disagree with, since it'll give you a new insight and perspective on things. ^^
    Gives me a new insight? You seem to forget this is the internet. :p
    I meant in general. For me it's like that either way, you do get used to the trashing around after so long on the internet either way that you simply don't care. But you always get an idea of what the other one is implying and thinking. :p
    I've been meaning to say it for a few days now but kudos and applause to you on having a JJBA avatar, of Speedwagon no less. I've also been meaning to create a thread on JJBA itself, something i should get around to as a long time reader of the manga, i've an earnest desire to discuss it with fellow fans and maybe convert people to watching it.
    I wouldn't be surprised if people hadn't to be honest, i believe the manga (Part 3 of the manga anyway) got translated officially but people didn't take to it like they did other things that came out at the time. Still might put the thread up anyway and see if i can convert some people.
    It has to work. Even if they watch just the anime, they just gotta love its style. XD

    Many animes, mangas and games from Japan has taken stuff from JJBA, so people might see it as unoriginal while it is in fact the original. I have a friend that thought so about it.
    Hey buddy, long time no see :D

    I've been meaning to say hey for a while but I've had some health problems etc so haven't been at home too much. But how are things with you? did you buy DmC?
    I also have a small favor to ask as well if that's cool.
    Also, I've subscribed you, Padrier958. I get bored and hope someone has uploaded a video on a daily basis, so if you throw something new in there I'll often see it the very day it has been uploaded or the very hour. =D

    And sorry for the multi-posting, 420 character is a very low limit imo.
    Ahh thanks man that means a lot and cheers for the Sub :D
    np mate
    whoaaa didn't know u were back on ^_^
    Pretty much ranging from games to games with a spice of games in it. :p
    Darkstar Darin
    XD didja play the DmC demo?
    I just did recently. With the exception of the unusual and at first confusing controls (a great game have simple controls with huge potential, not complex ones with huge potential), the lack of a lock-on system and the exceptionally low voice on everything (without being able to change it), it was a great game. Like, the atmosphere got me instantly sucked in, the playstyle was smooth and fast, I really enjoyed it.
    Mass Stalkage! *looking at Angel General since she had the same idea as me* Yeah, we like the same games so I stalk you. SMT/Persona need more love ^^
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    Wow. I just started on Persona 3 on the PSP, and I just finished Persona 4 for the first time.
    Very time consuming games XD I think Persona 3 is bit dulled down for PSP. I don't think you can actually walk around except in Tartarus? I love the story :3
    Nope, you can't, sadly. But it is still an amazing experience and on the plus side I can play on Maniac, which is alot harder than Hard and I can actually control all my characters actions in battle. ^^

    I love the story as well, but it's so fun to go about Social Links all the time. XD
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