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  • Macabre
    It isn't subscription based, so if you're interested you can rent it.

    If you have a PC that can run it, I can recommend WarFrame as an alternative. It's not open world but the combat gives you more options and it's Free To Play.
    I think I have Warframe, it's incredibly fun! Sorry to hear that about Defiance though :( looked great.
    By all means give Defiance a try, it might speak to you. Did you see the show?
    Kuwabara, Kuwabara.....
    though not so much and can understand an extensive look into a characters psyche with proper development is hard to fit into an action game that's supposed to be an easy digestible experience, I'm just a big fan of Raiden. Maybe I wanted it a bit more subtle, I'm not sure.
    and no unfortunately I haven't. Would you recommend it?
    It's pretty mental, and the combat is horrible, but it's worth persevering with. There's a lot of charm to it.
    If you want Namco X Capcom, let me know when you get your PC running properly and i'll get the English version running on there the next time i see you.
    That's a very kind offer chief, thanks.
    It's cool, i've been working with PS2 emulation for a while now and while NxC isn't perfect, it runs better then most and it has a half decent english patch available.

    I'll be sure to remember to get you the Berserk game that's available on PS2 as well, you'll love it i'm sure.

    In failing that, i've been looking into modding my PS2 to run games off a hard drive, i'll bring that if that's the case.
    HEHEEH! HOHO HO! Macabre Macabre, watch out! I might edit another post! So sad!
    Posting on another's profile with this sort of thing is not permitted - it's harassment. Ensure it does not happen again.
    Jesus christ man, you were right when you described these people. They're trying to kill me through their love for this game! Even at my worst i was never this big a fanboy.
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