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  • I so want to leave this place...... -_-"
    So you want to leave me?

    I'm... not even surprised. <.<
    I had already given up waiting. Learning of your lie towards me, even though I had begged you constantly to be honest. Seeing that you only wrote minor messages to me at all times and showing strong signs of neglecting me...
    I cried nights, I waited days. I hope you got what you wanted.
    I've missed you. :3 *hugs* <3

    You are okay, right? I hope you've been alright. I love you Marisa.

    Now I'm only thinking about us two hugging and kissing. It's so sweet, I'd just want to glomp you and never let go. :3
    Send me a message whenever you want to talk.

    Weren't we supposed to start a candyland rp? You still haven't even answered it... you haven't even posted a single message to me that isn't a reply. If its so hard chatting like this why haven't you started up a conversation with me like you did with DT?
    I haven't said you have answered him. I'm just saying there's alot we've tried to start up like the Candyland rp, but it still remains unanswered for weeks. ._.
    I'll answer it then.
    No need, Marisa. I would like to join yours and DT's RP. :3
    We haven't talked that much, so there must be something you really want to talk to me about, right? If so, then tell me. :3
    Marisa... why'd you leave me unanswered but you answered DT?

    You don't want to talk to me? I still see those small comments with barely any words and you aren't coming to the hotdrpda where you said we should talk...
    It's been quite... bad. I'm sick ya see. Threw up twice. The second time puke came outta my nose, wasn't a pretty sight.

    Well Aka, hows yours been, eh?
    Ohh... that sounds really bad. >.<

    I've been quite the lazy boy. xP
    Since there's no school this day I've taken the time to rest'n'stuff. But now I'm getting ready to fix some of that schoolwork I am overdue with. =D
    Marisa, I hope you rest up well and be back in top condition soon. :3
    Remember that you'll be able to reach me in hotdrpda from now on. I've already answered you there. :3
    Oh okii, be there in a minute.
    I still haven't seen you've been online there nor do I have any new messages. o_O
    I don't know anything of how everything is going with you...

    Oh god I miss you terribly. It's really saddening not every seeing you come online, waiting day in and day out. But I'll wait... ;_;
    Marisa! ;_; *hugs*

    How have you been?
    Aka, Are you there?

    If so please talk to me!
    That was 4 in the morning. How am I supposed to be awake that early? o_O
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