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  • Oh wow! Thank you for the beefy donation! Really blown away by the support as of late. It's really appreciated!
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    I'm also just now seeing that the Premium and Supporter (2014) badges are not displaying properly... apologies! I'll look into that now.
    Edit: Fixed!
    Hey Ryuuou! Thank you for your donation! Really appreciate all of the help with those server bills! :cool:
    Windows 7 to be presise. I should make my own os and browsers. I dont like the current development of software. It's all adjusted to the menace of new phones and devices. I prefer programs that DONT suggest anything at all or updates that goes automatically. Screw security. I need my pc to stop trying.
    I survived on Linux Ubuntu for a month or so. Last time I could barely make one day but this time I have been looking around finding terminal commands and learning a few tricks. Now its time to go back to windows.
    Dark Prince
    @Ryuuou one word, win11 is unworthy opponent :mad: and if you have 10 home on laptop (I mean gaming) you're good to go and with stock system you can do endless things :geek:.
    If you want win7 or other systems, you can try vmware player free version for personal use :cool:.

    Have fun kid and stay safe :coffee:.
    I guess this site still exist. Good to know. I gave dmc5 a try checked a trailer almost got convinced but no. Not for me sorry. I stick to spec ed dmc4 and down.
    MUGENVOIDINFINITEWTFASDFGH Jujutsu Kaisen Anime. Just 1 more day til next episode. Can't wait...
    WTFFRSE FFVII R Woaaaa!! X_X Hmmm, hopefully decent. Seems decent. Well lets see with time.
    If people say something bad okay. If people say something good okay. If people give you silent treatment that's the worst kind of thing.
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    Of course. Indifference hurts more than hate. Hate, as bad as it is, is still a reaction. Indifference means you're not even acknowledged, and obviously that's gonna hurt more.
    Being ignored is the worse kind of feeling. At least when your hated, you're still remembered for something. When you're completely ignored, it's like you don't even exist.
    Dragons everywhere!
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