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  • Is 2019 the year that the world finally realizes Kojima is not a mad genius but just batshıt insane?
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    I hate how much people kiss that man's ass. He's way overrated and his ego is enormously inflated. The sooner he f#cks off from the game industry and moves on to cinema the better.
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    He could be both. You can't be one with a bit of the other ;)
    Man, I must have walked in with some gigantic expectations 'cause I thought that Joker movie was just...okay. I actually didn't watch Ad Astra when it came out because I wanted to save some money for it and now I regret doing that.
    Sorry you felt that way. I thought it was good, and brilliantly acted by Phoenix.
    Welp, Spidey returned to the MCU and reminded me that I was dumb to assume it would actually take more than a month for it to happen.
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    He's scheduled for two movies, actually. Spiderman 3 and another MCU project.

    As long as his arc is concluded in a satisfying way, I'd be happy with those being his last two MCU outings. Far from Home would have been a painful cliffhanger if the deal fell off.

    Marvel Studios will probably re-negotiate though.
    He needs to have at-least one more stand-alone movie. But yeah, after the next two movies they'll either reach another deal, or Marvel will get the rights back somehow (Lol, even if it costs them 10 billion). I still wanna see a Spiderman and Wolverine movie
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    Honestly i was with you. I thought the deal was final. I didn't wanna take sides because i don't really know whats going on. We get snippets and fans are likely to be biased. Plus i didn't see the solo films yet. I hated that peter was in high school again.
    I hate how writers of live-action Superman make Lois such an integral part of Superman's character. Donner, Singer and Snyder Superman all have Lois acting as the tether that keeps him bound to Earth which is fůcking stupid. Dude was raised on Earth - he doesn't need an incentive to fight for it!

    That's why Superman in the final act of JL was the best live action incarnation. No Lois just him and his superpals.
    Dante's Stalker
    But isn't it usually her fault for getting him into a situation with the enemy in the first place? Her and her nosy reporter antics? I don't know because I've only ever watched the cartoons and the TV series, comics were too fancy smansy for me to afford as a kid.

    For the record, I don't mind her being that person who Clark loves and cherishes and I totally buy into him snapping if she were to be killed. My problem with Lois stems from this "You're my world" thing that every writer so far seems to have snuck in in some capacity especially since it seems to be a slap in the face to his Earth parents.
    @Teal his parents is one thing but Lois is another. He of course keeps his parents just as close as Lois but at specific moments he calls Lois his world. Much like how some people say their partner is their whole world.
    I ignored the internet's negative opinion of Samurai 8 and decided to get into it and so far it is fúcking awesome. Most entertaining first 16 chapters of a manga I've read recently.
    Supposedly he's been planning out the story for years, unlike Naruto which he made up as he went along, so that explains why the writing feels tighter.
    I kind of forgot how much emotion Kishimoto puts into his work, its a big difference
    I think it also helps that he's not an illustrator this time and doesn't have to share his writing workload with another person. He did that with Ukyo Kodachi in Naruto and, considering what Kodachi's doing to the Boruto manga, I have a strong feeling he was responsible for some of the shark-jumping moments there.
    If "The Mandalorian" works, they should just quit making new Star Wars movies and branch into high budget shows/mini-series.
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    (Cont.) Disney is new, so they will have a hard time attracting everyone to the service. They will have to spend millions in marketing to make it profitable.

    Nah, I don't see this happening. Disney+ is new, yes, but most of their IPs are extensions of wildly succesful franchises. MCU IPs and Star Wars IPs will undoubtedly attract large chunks of their respective fanbases.

    Only way I see it fail is if they slap an irrational subscription fee which tbh wouldn't be unlike Disney.
    That's what I mean, though. The service is only using spin-offs of franchises. That means that Disney has to spend, spend, and spend to make sure they are enticing enough to make you to subscribe.
    Man, the MCU slate for the next two years seems so packed and..weird. Blade film with Mahershala Ali, Shang-Chi, Thor 4, What if animated series. They're really gonna up the weirdness by Phase 4.
    Saw Spider-Man Far from Home last night. There were a lot of obvious twists but then there was also a lot of stuff that came out of left field. I thought it was pretty good though - better than Homecoming.
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    It might be classic but I still find it ridiculous in a live action movie contest. Same with the fishbowl. You and I have gone through this kind of discussion already when concerning Wolverine, I am a firm believer that not everything that works in comic or cartoons or whatever necessarily works on the big screen as well.
    So things like trunks on Superman, Wolverine's costume, Mysterio's fishbowl, they all look ridiculous in live action to me is all.
    Well just watch it because it’s Spider-Man if you enjoy Spider-Man. That’s what I’ll be doing.
    If and when Darkseid appears in the DCEU, his voice (and maybe facial mo-cap) needs to be Michael Ironside. No synthesizers, no reverberating effect - just his normal voice in all it's glory.
    WD3 looks awesome but why do I have this feeling Ubi is gonna **** up? They've been churning out decent products as of late, but this one seems too ambitious for them.

    Still no Splinter Cell announcement tho'. They can go f#ck themselves for that.
    @tehrugger weren't you just being pessimistic about Ninja-Theory?
    Because Ubi has nasty trend downgrade games mere months before releas.

    I just have no idea how this "recruit every NPC" gimmick is gonna pay off in the end. Like, I see no way how this is gonna work without clashing with the main story.

    I have faith in Clint Hocking - he is a capable director. Ubisoft, on the other hand...
    Is there any role in which Mads Mikkelsen doesn't chew scenery? He's such a terrific actor.
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    Whatchoo talking about? His Death Stranding scenes are going to be iconic.
    I've said this quite often before but - ScrewAttack REALLY dropped the ball with the latest Death Battle.
    Yeah, the entire battle made no sense to me. Green Lantern goes back in time ON ALIEN X; WHO IS PRACTICALLY A GOD WHO CAN DO THE SAME?? Also they JUST said that the omnitrix has a self-destruct mechanism if someone tries to remove it.
    It was a sh#tshow all around. What really irks me was that even if we are to blindly accept GL as superior to Ben 10, which he isn't even according to Death Battle's own pre-match power scaling, GL still didn't win. He killed a Ben 10, yes, but not the Ben 10 he was fighting.

    Was never interested in listening to their podcasts but I really want to know how they'll explain this.
    Hot take: The Green Goblin fight in The Amazing Spiderman 2 is a better sequence than the train fight in Spiderman 2.
    Ubisoft slated to announce 3 new AAA IPs and also Luca Ward, the Italian VA for Sam Fisher, posted a pair of trifocal goggles and Splinter Cell gadget in his Facebook story.

    Fingers crossed for an actual SC reveal this time.
    If it's new IPs, can't be SC though.
    Also how do you know of Luca Ward? o_O
    I'm on the lookout for any SC-related news and I saw that Luca had posted a picture in his Facebook story. As for how I know of him, pretty sure we had a conversation maybe a year ago about our favorite Sam Fisher VAs.
    James Cameron: calls out superhero movies for being repetitive and uninspired.

    also James Cameron: is planning to do four sequels to "Dancing with the Space Wolves"
    Holy crap, Endgame just made 1.2 bn in it's opening weekend. This is freaking insane.
    Funny that the amount of money it made is inversely proportional to the amount of crap I give about the movie. My interest in superhero movies was already waning, and Infinity War kinda was the final nail in the coffin for me.
    Probably one of the best comic movie ever, it could surpass avatar at the box office
    If Endgame spoilers are lasers, then I guess I am gonna be Catherine Zeta Jones in that one movie where she wears spandex and has Sean Connery stare at her ass for an hour.

    I am not sure if I hate this movie for drowning David Dunn in a puddle or if I love it for drowning David Dunn in a puddle.
    Wow, film critics have shown their anti-DCEU bias again. They are giving Shazam a fresh 93 perc-

    Hold up.
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    It's a good thing I don't care for RT bullcrap rating system.
    Meh, I'm still not interested in it. I just didn't think it looked very good in the trailers.
    @DragonMaster2010 Dude, you do know all they do is collect reviews and give a percentage of how many of them are positive? Example, last movie I saw in theaters was Halloween, which has a 79% That's not a grade for the film, again, that's just the percentage of reviews that were positive.
    But the issue is that sometimes those positive and negative reviews aren't all genuine. Sometimes a bunch of reviewers are forced to forge their reviews in order to make profit. I just can't believe any review that they post with that in mind.
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