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  • None?
    I have no idea, something in computers and programming at least.
    Why do you ask? :huh:
    What made you come to an assumption that english was my first language?
    Sure the majority of the world speakes it as their first language, but I think that even a bigger part studies it. English is an international language. =D

    Then it comes to the people who listens in class aswell. xP
    That's what I'm getting for not having english as my native language... >.<

    *looks up Pseudoscience and Metaphysics*
    Wow! And that is proven how?

    Sorry dude, I will believe in nothing, I will probably never know the truth at all either so... no no for me.

    Infinite inter dimensional being sounds just as stupid as nothingness exploding to me. Seriously, I never tried to take your beliefs away, you can believe whatever you want. It's good to know what you believe in, but we will never come to an agreement so let's just settle with agreeing to disagreeing, right?
    I believe in nothing that is unknown until it's proven. Big bang sounds illogical and ridiculous, so does the existence of God.

    Where did God come from then? Has God existed in infinity? But everything is made from something. What created God? Where did it all come from? Is it just something that just decided to create universe just like that? And where the hell did it come from?

    I'm saying this:
    A god? Sounds illogical and stupid.
    A big explosion of nothingness created everything? Are you on drugs?

    I don't care where everything comes from, it won't help us develop further. I don't believe in any of those ways, they are just hilarious and stupid. We don't know how the universe works yet, we don't know enough yet to do anything more than just speculate and theorise.

    I'll just let you think about that.
    I'm not that curious at all, I can see no way of it being true and I don't see how it could be. I'll just see it as false until you catch my curiosity with some encouragement.

    Give me an example of the apologetics, say what it says in general, give small information. That's how you win peoples interests, amongst others.

    Like how does it state that there could be a god? Is it really that hard to explain?
    I've been wearing clothes for all my life. I've got a great sense of clothing. :cool:

    If that is how it works then you are kind of a cold person who can't give a simple explanation. No wonder I forgot to look it up last time.
    ZOMG I thought you knew about it!
    You want me to read something but you want me to find it aswell?

    You also want to know what apologetics is? Then we are two!
    But wait... how come your messages leans towards you having read apologetics when you haven't?

    -Skip the bullcrap. You know what it is, you can simply tell me.
    I'm really sorry but I don't remember apologetics.

    Logic is based on science and science got more evidence pointing towards thing like "Nothing is immortal" and "There can't be one of a being".

    But tell me again, I must've forgotten in the past, what is apologetics and how do they prove there is a god?
    Says who or what? Were is the slightest evidence there is a god or if there were that it would be undefeatable?
    Knowledge is what power is. If you knew everything, you would know how to become a god, you would know how to overthrow a god, you would know how to get the ultimate power, and you would know how to be everywhere at once.

    That would make you almighty. Buuut I have to remind you I'm speaking of a hypothecical manner, I don't believe that there could be an existence of a god at all since most evidence points against that.
    What would you hunt after? What would you research for? When it's done, what would you do with it?
    Of course. Dieing is a part of life, I wouldn't want to live for over 200 years. Just the thought is breaking me apart. >.<
    To live forever?

    I dunno... living forever sounds pretty... monotonous. To me, living for the moment is what makes life special. ^_^
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