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  • Nero? :D He's not the most original character out there, but I think he added something great to the series. Gameplay wise he's a lot of fun and he has a lot of depth personality wise to. He's not just some invincible badass, but he's not a wuss either. He's a strong guy, but he also has believable weaknesses and fears.
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    i think you're on to something but i think it should be about them as equals rather than one being a supporting character in the other ones story. For example they should have made the game where you could have chosen to play as either one from the get go, telling the same story frm different perspectives. That way if you want to know everything you would have to play both but if you dont want too , you dont.
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    my main problem with nero was that he wasn't a character we need to see because he seems to have no other purpose other creating a dante clone who they can afford to do things like character development or flaws or relationships that flesh him out that they cant do with dante because they are too afraid to mess with an icon.
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    The better solution would have to do more games with dante after dmc3 but before the events of dmc1, with him trying to sort out what it means to be a hero like his dad and him trying to sort out the new world they live in Because now everyone knows demons are real and they arent happy about it and they arent trusting in dante too much think of him more like the punisher than batman.
    I didn't like Transformers 2 so I probably won't be seeing that. Captain America I'm crossing my fingers for.
    Hm....well I haven't seen Thor yet and that looks good. OOH! X-Men First Class looks great. I wanna see that. :D How about you?
    I honestly think a reboot is the cheap way out. They could easily tie all the games together with a game set between 4 and 2, but instead they decided to screw it and start over. Cheap.
    I understand. Its like you want DmC to be good, but you just aren't sure yet.
    And is my avatar what I look like? o_O Um.....sure. :p
    Things are going well. Finals week is this week and then SUMMER! :D
    i also have accounts on ign and the ninja theory forums and i tend to paste threads on each site to gauge different answers.
    wanna be friends?
    LOL! I kept thinking 'but I've seen this thread somewhere before!' because your threads are similar. I'm Master C...and I think I've just uncovered you as a spy for *cough*wontsaywho*cough* :p
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