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  • hey dude, i saw a picture you posted on your photobucket account of your xbox live account and i had a question. how did you get a pic of new dante as your avatar pic?
    Technically, I haven't got one. It isn't an official Gamerpic that You can purchase on Xbox LIVE Marketplace, it's simply a personal pic I took from My PC screen using My LIVE cam. I'm a bit of an insufferable perfectionist, so that's why the pic looks so real.
    Hey Zilla. By any chance is your name based of "Godzilla?"
    Sort of. My online moniker is usually RAAMzilla, a combination of General RAAM from Gears of War and Godzilla. Though a few friends have taken to simply calling Me 'Zilla, so I sometimes roll with that instead.
    Sparda's rejected son
    I see. So your fan of Toho's Big G, that's so cool!
    dude where did you get your awesome avatar? :)
    I discovered it when I was randomly looking through Deviant Art submissions of the new Dante, I took it and simply added glowing red eyes to it. Thanks!
    it's really awesome! :) nice find!
    It's good to know that I'm still so awesome at games that people doubt that what I do is even possible.
    I haven't got DMC 4 to test this for Myself as I've let a friend borrow it, but I just can't imagine dying on a level and coming out with an S rank. Unless I was never aware how lenient DMC 4 actually is when I was getting all My S ranks.
    It's possible on any DMC really, as I said in that thread, if you use items you could score an S on DMD without even moving...
    Hey don't be fooled by that Nessy guy, he really is just **** with photoshop LOL.
    Strange that one would go to such lengths to prove another wrong a forum. I'm still not convinced an S rank is possible after Continuing.
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