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..."Fans Protests" Facebook page...REALLY?


Stylish and Viewtiful
Jan 14, 2013
This is not true, really in any context, but certainly not in the context I'm talking about. When I talk about versatility, I mean what's readily available to you at any one time. In DMC3, Dante is locked into a style before you manually switch via the menu screen. At any given time he has 4 total weapons at his disposal, but only has extra moves for two of those in one of the styles that gives his weapons extra moves. So, in swordmaster you can't rock fireworks or charge shot. etc. and in gunslinger you can't do overdrive or dance macabre.

What's available to your for any one combo in DMC3 is limited compared to 4 or the reboot.
I can admit that's true, but it has more moves overall. There's also more factors to consider than in 4 and the reboot.

For example, enemy weaknesses.