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What are you watching right now?

V's patron

be loyal to what matters
Sep 14, 2010
I binged Stranger Things season 3.

Another year another monster.

It's a bit better than season 2 to me. It reminded me that I'm fonder of kids growing up on screen than being static. I love David Harbour but Hopper was more comic relief than someone serious- his arc could have been tighter.



I'll just get right to the ass kicking.
Supporter 2014
Feb 17, 2013
Just watched Alita Battle Angel and I so regret not going to see it at the movies, it was fantastic.

The damn slog of awful movies over the past few years have put me off going to the movies pretty much indefinitely and I missed out on seeing this wonderful movie, this is the first time in forever I've actually bought a Blu Ray and it was for no other reason than to support the movie in hopes of a sequel, but I'm still extremely cautious now that Disney has consumed FOX.

Now on to Pet Sematary :nailbiting: