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  • Yeah... I'm not very good with math myself,so im not really sure what major im goona take,computer science sounds pretty hard
    Glad to hear,actually i was away for awhile aswell,back though :D. Pretty good man,had some stuff to take care off and the studies all of that really cut my free time. And what's new on yours side? :)
    Hi thanks for the add. It took me a little work to figure out who you are lol. :p
    Sounds good to me! I'll set up a game now. I won't be using a mic for a little bit coz I'm just having a quick bite to eat. I'll help you unlock some achievements too if you like! See you in a min! :D
    Cooooooool! When do you fancy playing? I'm free now if you've got some time to spare. Lemme know and I'll sign on right away. Also: What difficulty do you fancy?
    Know what'd wake you up? Playing some Halo Wars with me!

    That's my rubbish attempt at getting you to play Halo Wars by the way. ^_^
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