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What are you doing?Either at home,work or somewhere.

Demons Destiny

Silenced Vampire
May 15, 2007
God Knows
Well, hers an essay (sorry but when i get writing i write for america lol)
Ok, i'm at home, looking through the threads and checking to see if anyone is on msn. I've just been for a bath, so i'm soaking wet (-_-) and i'm still tired from yesterday (swimming like MAD) I'm not happy because i have school tomorrow and i have crap lessons to go with it.
Oh, and I HATE MY FLIPPIN HAIR BECAUSE ITS GETTING IN THE WAY!!! even though its short lol :p


-is writing an album
Dec 2, 2006
Birmingham, UK. 'Bout bloody time as well.
...That was an essay? I need five hundred more words...

Well, it is funny, usually when everyone is relaxing, finishing homework, on computer whatever, I am working my *** off so hard that five minutes later it may explode. But enough exaggeration, when I am not working I am doing more work on other boards, my new promotion on SoS is the most important duty of all quite possibly.
well.....I woke up at like 6:20....brushed my teeth....then I came into my living room.....turned on my T.V........that show Charmed is on........not really watching it though....I ate some beef jerky(yum).....turned on my PC.....got online......clicked on Favorites.......went to projectego.net.........went to forums then Music Videos thread......saw Dark Drakan's post with a Mushroomhead video in it.........looked at his sigg and saw the link to this site(I clicked onnit) went to Quicklinks then Who's Online......then back to Forums........saw this thread..........and now I'm here........:)
The dark knight;41245 said:
I hate SoS.....right now I am hating SoS...:mad:

*tut* Calm down DK *gets out needle and syringe*

Well, today I bought a Cruiser by Crafter 10G black metal guitar with a set for it, which includes amplifiers and plecktrums and crap, and then I learnt a new song, "New Level" by Pantera which took a while to get used to playing...
Wow you own Guitar Hero 2? Sweet ^_^

Well today, I woke up, couldn't go out of oy room for ages for there was some construction on the floorboards (one of them was buggered), ate, went for a nice walk, came back and made some noise pollution on the guitar, and I actually made a pretty good guitar riff out of the blue, I even recorded it so I could remember what it was because I knew I was just going to forget...In fact I have it somewhere...

EDIT: Here:


The dark knight

Well-known Member
Mar 3, 2007
I dont own it.I just went to a friends house to play with the guitar on the game.THen we faced eachother and was mad I kept beating him.AND I JUST STARTED PLAYING THE GAME AND HE WAS PLAYING IT BEFORE ME!(bursts out laughing)I got more notes hit then him and I loved playing surrender by cheap trick.

I hate it when you walk up to a girl and want to ask her to a dance but they are always in damn PACKS!THey never leave by themselves.It is so hard.I tried to ask a girl to a dance.The dance wasnt actually real..but I finally got her away from the pack of gossip telling, annoying,laughing like hyenas at people girls.And she fltout said no.She said "No.Just go." And now everyone in the school thinks that SHE likes ME and another guy.One of my friends.That never ticked me off though.I was still friends with him.On the last day of school we were all at a pool and she was always hangin out with me there.Kept on commenting on how skinny I was.And I made her laugh alot.My jokes are the secret weapon to help get the girls.That is what Im doing.I wish I asked the girl I liked if she liked me....


Fearfully and wonderfully made
May 1, 2006
I'm currently reading through some submissions on Digg, browsing the Devil May Cry Forum, checking out some ultra sexy gaming canvas prints on eBay UK, and wondering what to do next with my Grey Viper website.