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V's patron

be loyal to what matters
Sep 14, 2010
Re6 Jake's Campaign Chapter 3.

The motorcycle chase was dope. I wish you had more interaction with Sherry in gameplay. The AI is decent but you forget she's around and it would've been better if you could upgrade her skills. Jake's hand to hand moves are fun but I wish they were better implemented. So if he gets a spinoff...;).
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Lover of beat'em ups!
Nov 1, 2018
Ragnarök again. I noticed how this game does the start and stop thing before it opens up. I made it to the first new realm that's a swampland. Pretty looking. I appreciate that you can now upgrade your health without having to collect 3 apples. Parrying is more difficult now. I got the parry shield, and the defensive shield. I might stick with the latter for a while. Calling it quits for the night.
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Dr. Cheesesteak

Well-known Member
Feb 22, 2022
Been getting through the smaller games on my 2022 backlog. Recently finished Norco, Paradise Marsh, and Frog Detective trilogy. All great games w/ amazing writing. Norco is probably my #2 GOTY, behind Stray, and yes, in front of Elden Ring.

The past couple days I've just been relaxing, playing "catch up" on other games casually like Triangle Strategy and Super Castlevania 4 for now until Pentiment comes out this week. Also mixing in Team Fortress 2 and Session.


Space Detective
Jan 12, 2012
My secret hideout
Conquered all of Europe as England in Medieval total war 2, decided to try the America's campaign as New Spain. It's a complete joke, the objectives are centered around taking 30 settlements and getting rid of 2 specified factions before the game very unfairly tries to steamroll you, so I summoned a sarcastic amount of cannon elephants to steamroll them back. If the game won't play fair, neither will I.
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Lover of beat'em ups!
Nov 1, 2018
Ragnarok is now finished. I love the ending and the closing character arcs. Odin as a final boss is fun, but pretty weak overall. Especially in his final phase when you have both Freya and Atreus assisting you. The rematch with Thor is better, and Hiemdal is the best boss in the game. What a great way to close a cap on the series. I never though this series, DMC5, or Bayonetta 3 would end the way they did, yet I am more than satisfied with each and everyone of them.